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Why a Health Coach?

What is a Health Coach

Coaches help you to explore and understand what your values and goals may be. They may focus specifically on health related matters such as nutrition, sleep, movement. Coaches can also explore with you future career and lifestyle choices. 

When life feels out of balance, they provide an avenue to reflect and identify small changes in our lifestyle and approach that can have significant impacts. 

We all strive to live our lives to the fullest. Time spent now will be time gained in our later years. The work we put in today to optimize our wellbeing will bring rewards in the short and the long term.  

Why Coach Professionals?

Whether you work in a large health system or a small practice as a doctor, nurse, or healthcare worker the health systems present many challenges. Change can be forced upon us resulting in a sense of loss of control. 

Pandemic requirements have exacerbated for many a sense of disillusionment. How will we navigate the way ahead?  What or how will I facilitate and experience the changing health environment in which we find ourselves?


POD Health coaches are experienced in working with people across a breadth of backgrounds and ages. With 20+ years’ experience in the health system, in adult and paediatiric medicine within Australia, New Zealand and the UK, they have practiced and reflected on the different cultures, systems and expectations. Their personal journey’s have been varied – with faltering and imperfections along the way. The coaches all wish they had engaged a coach earlier in their career to help them proactively explore the decisions they have made over the years.

How will I Benefit?

Macro change is often thrust upon us, from above, by management. Micro change however begins with the people. POD was developed out of a recognition that perhaps the change will come from the ground level, within the people. If we can determine and live true to our values, we will optimize our performance. High performing team players help to bring their colleagues along with them. Through POD Health we aim to nurture and nudge you towards being the best you – at work, at home, at play.

Image by Bonnie Kittle
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