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Our Coaches

Heidi holds a leadership position and works as an emergency physician Te Toka Tumai Auckland.  Heidi has been a paediatrician for 18 years.  She currently runs a practice in Queenstown.

Heidi has held several leadership roles including as prehospital doctor and paediatric lead with NRHL (formerly Westpac Helicopter Services), Starship CED  (Wellbeing Lead) and currently works as a USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) doctor.


Heidi has mentored many healthcare workers over her 25 year career.  In recent years she has focused her attention on coaching – with a strong desire to support a sustainable workforce and to strengthen engagement of doctors and health care workers into the future.

Heidi provides coaching conversations and support to her current team to unlock their own solutions.  She is determined to empower the workforce to find solutions form within rather than externally where resistance and change are creating frustrations.

Available for

      •1:1 coaching

      •1: mulitiple coaching (upon discussion)

      •Workshops and presentations




Dr Heidi Baker

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