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About Pod Health MD

Healthcare delivery has become increasingly complex.  Demands on those who provide this care have eaten away at the autonomy and sense of connection we are able to achieve within any working day or week.

POD MD aims to provide a safe, connected community of healthcare workers.  Together, we can navigate the complexities of the current health care environment and are indeed stronger.

Through POD MD we aim to create a community of health care workers sharing ideas, supporting each other, learning and growing together to strengthen ourselves both individually and collectively.  We aim to improve understanding of the vital role we each play, in primary, hospital and community care, in patient and whanau health care throughout life's journey.


POD MD offers professional coaching for doctors and healthcare professionals both in person and on line.  By nurturing ourselves & establishing our core values and purpose, we aim to enable physicians and health care workers to maximise their potential.  We want physicians and health care workers to grow in to new and established roles with greater certainty, vision and optimism.  Read More


Alongside coaching, we will be curating a variety of workshops and creating material on leadership, performance and striving for prosperity in the workplace and at home. Read More



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